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What are the GESC Individual Player Development Plans?

GESC believes in the importance of developing all of our players holistically, and that a player best develops when it is driven and lead by them. To accomplish this, we have set up our Individual Player Development Plan that starts with the players answering questions about themselves in 4 key areas: Competence (broken down further into technical, tactical, and physical components), Confidence, Connection (with both coaches and teammates), and Character.

These Individual Player Development Plans will be a tool to that can help drive player development in the areas that they want to improve. It will also help us measure our effectiveness and influence on the player's holistic development throughout their time with the club, will enable us to track individual and large-scale changes throughout the seasons and years, help us pinpoint areas that may need more focus, and ultimately help create a good starting point for conversation and dialogue between the player and their coaches so that we can better help players realize and achieve their goals through soccer. 


To navigate the questionnaire use the black arrows on the sides! Thank you for participating!

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