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May 2020

May 2020 Newsletter Outline

  • Letter from the Director

  • Sip and Bid / Give Big

  • Summer Camp

  • Rec and Mini Dribbler spring season's cancelled

  • The new Normal - what's next?


Travel / Competitive soccer for players born between 2008 -  2011. 


Travel / Competitive soccer for players born 2007 and older

Sip and Bid Postponed but you can still Give Big!

Many of you are aware that our club works very hard to keep fees low so that finances are not a reason why a kid can or cannot play soccer. We place a premium on fundraising so that we provide financial scholarships for those in need, as well as provide high-quality youth soccer programs at more affordable costs. 

Our single biggest source of fundraising every year is our Sip and Bid, and this year was going to be our 3rd year running. We were very excited and looking forward to hanging out with all of you and raising money for a great cause, but with everything going on and having a lot of people in a small space not seeming smart at this time, we had to make the tough decision to postpone it.

However, you can still donate through Give Big! Most of you have probably heard of Give Big, the county wide fundraiser for local non-profits, but if not, it is a 24-hour window of giving held every year. This year it takes place from Thursday April 30th at 6pm until Friday May 1st at 6pm. 


We hope that in lieu of the Sip and Bid, you consider donating to us via Give Big. If everyone donated the cost of a pizza, we would be in great shape, and it would be a huge help allowing us to continue to provide high-quality soccer at affordable prices and scholarships for those in need.

To donate to GESC via Give Big, go here:

Letter from the Director

Hi everyone! I miss seeing all of your and your player’s faces on a daily basis! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and sane. 


I was thinking back yesterday to right before spring break when everything became very real and our worlds were all changed so significantly. I remember thinking, well what now? Everything we usually did all of sudden we couldn’t. Everything we wanted to do we knew we shouldn't. And the timing was brutal too with it all coming right when the competitive season was about to start and our rec season was going to start shortly thereafter. It was like I was learning how to drive in my mom’s old Isuzu stick shift on a hill at a stop light waiting to turn left with 5 cars behind me only to stall multiple times through two traffic light cycles.


I remember during spring break reading so many blog posts, listening to so many podcasts, and talking to all of our coaches searching for an answer when there wasn’t one. And when discussing everything, it came down to the fact that we had two choices: sit down and wait for everything to pass, or buckle down and get to work however we could. I am beyond proud that we chose the latter, and much like when I was learning to drive I am glad everyone has been so patient and understanding, and also much like then, we have fairly quickly figured out how to move forward. 

The coaches all met virtually that first Monday after spring break, and we talked about what we could do. We knew that everyone was going to be struggling with adjusting to home-schooling and working from home (including yours truly with my son), and we knew that whatever we did not everyone would be able to do. However, we also knew that our goals - to develop each player to their maximum potential holistically in the areas of cognition, competence, confidence, connection, and character - had not changed, but that our method to go about it needed to. We agreed that we could still work towards our goals virtually, so the coaches got to work filming training videos (insert shameless plug for the GESC youtube channel), and we started the next week meeting online with all our competitive and academy groups once a week. Since then, all of our coaches have continued to meet with our groups once a week and we have also continued to have coaches' meetings every week via zoom. The coaches have been using this time to fine tune and update our game model and style of play and coaching methodologies so that we can come out of this even better and stronger than we entered.


It has definitely been a challenge that is outside all of our comfort zones, and we continue to learn a lot on how to conduct virtual sessions with kids (by the way, teachers are amazing; thank you to all of our teachers and education people during this time and always!), but seeing some of the kids faces and getting to see some smiles and work with some players made it worth it. We hope that those that have been able to get on have enjoyed it and found some encouragement to keep working on their game and themselves too. And for those that have not been able to get on the calls or not wanted to, that is totally ok too! We knew that not everyone would be able to or even want to, and we totally understand. 


I just know that this past month has showed me that - just like when I was stuck at the stoplight - we will get through this, and whenever that is, GESC will still be here for everyone as a club that was created and always will be run by soccer people for soccer people. Talk to everyone soon!

GESC Club Founder and Director

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GESC Summer Camp Still On!

(for players born 2012-2002)

We are optimistic that we will be able to get outside and play soon. Our summer camp is still scheduled to happen June 22nd - June 26th. 

To register, go here.

For more information on the summer camp, see here.


This will be the Gallatin Elite Summer Camp's 7th year running, and like in years past, we plan to have a staff made up of a mix of top local coaches and some of the top coaches from around the region and country. Hope to see you there!

Rec and Mini Dribblers Spring 2020 season cancelled

We are beyond saddened by the fact that we have to cancel this spring's Rec and Mini Dribbler seasons. It is always one of the highlights for me to get to work with our rec groups and see how much joy soccer can bring and get to introduce the sport to a new generation and group of players every season. However, with physical distancing still being recommended, and so much still unknown, we feel that it would not be smart or safe to hold a season at this time. We do not take your player's safety lightly, and as such we feel we had no other choice.

Please check your emails for voucher and other information, and we can't wait to get back on the field with everyone in the fall.

The new normal?

Is the world of zoom calls the future? I can tell you we are all eagerly awaiting a return to being able to train outside, however, when we start up there will likely have to be some modifications to ensure player safety.

Be assured that we are in constant communication with Montana Youth Soccer and other clubs around the state, and together we are all monitoring the CDC and local organizations as to what is deemed safe. Along with these sources, our coaches are currently talking through a return to play protocol that would fall within these guidelines and make sense for us, so that when we can get outside we will be ready.

For example, while we firmly believe in training through game-like situations in order to provide as much context as possible for our players so that everything is related to the game, when we first get back out it may have to be more individual-based. You might see each player with their own ball, only coaches allowed to handle equipment (cones, etc.), sections arranged 10 feet apart for players to do individual  work in, no huddles or high fives, and parents, sorry to say, you will have to stay in your cars to limit the number of people on the field. In addition, simple common sense rules like please don't come (coaches, players, parents, or anyone) if you don't feel well. No problem at all if anyone has to miss due to that.

How long will that last? We really don't know to be honest. But we will do it for as long as it takes. One thing I do know is that even though our coaches have grown to enjoy the virtual sessions, them and the players would definitely take the above training scenario over zoom calls.

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this time, and trust that we take this very seriously and have your player's and everyone's safety as the first priority.

© 2020 Gallatin Elite Soccer Club. 

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