What is the Elite Fall and Winter Program?

The GESC Elite Fall and Winter Indoor Soccer and Futsal program is designed to be a supplement to our Elite Juniors Academy and Elite Competitive Programs and is for those born 2011 and older.


Lots of current research points to the benefits of kids playing multiple sports, and we at GESC like to encourage our players - especially the younger ones - to do so as well. However, we also understand and recognize the importance of keeping touches on the ball and playing year-round in what is such a technical sport such as soccer.


Enter our Fall and Winter programming. Our goal is to get every group at least 1-2 1.5 hour training sessions per week depending on the group. In every 1.5 hour training session will be roughly 30-45 minutes of more technical-based training with 45 min - 1 hour of small-sided futsal play. The quick touches and quick decisions that need to be made from playing in tight spaces and on a fast surface is very beneficial to our players and many professionals point to futsal as a key part of their development as a player. Smaller spaces and lower numbers are an excellent time to work on the technical aspects of the player's game, as well as give them an opportunity to work on their decision-making, all while having fun playing.


Groups will also have the option to attend either a futsal tournament or a Showcase tournament(s) with the older ages during the winter months depending on interest, numbers, and availability.



How do I join?

See the schedule to the right for the Fall (November 11th through December 20th) and Winter (Jan. 7th - March 1st) schedule. Find the age group that fits your player, then register using the link here or the boxes above/below this text. If there is not a group listed that fits your player's age and our winter training is something they are interested in, email us and let us know and we'll see if we can accomodate them.

Players do not have to be a current Elite Juniors Academy or Elite Competitive player to join this training.

Sign up now in the event that we will need to limit how many players are in each group. This would only be done to ensure consistent and high-quality play and coaching.

If interested in joining and want to know more, email info@gallatinelite.com with any inquiries or register here.

When does the Fall/Winter programming take place?

The plan is for most groups to have two separate sessions, the first session starting the week of November 10th and running through December 20th (with a small break for Thanksgiving), and the second starting the week of January 6th and tentatively running through the end of February. Days and times of training will depend on the group, as well as available gym space.

Where are the sessions located?

We utilize gyms around the valley based on availability to us. Currently we use gym space in Hope Lutheran Church off of S 19th, The former Boys and Girls Club building (now the Story Mill Community Park building and Bozeman Parks and Rec offices) off of Bridger Canyon/Rouse, Saddle Peak Elementary off of Jackrabbit, the Montana Indoor Sports facility and turf field off of Jackrabbit in 4 corners, and the Bozeman HS facilities. Please see the schedule to the right for more info with addresses and locations for each specific age group.

What do the Fall and Winter programs cost?

Cost for the 1st Winter session (November through December) is $85. Cost for the 2nd Winter session (January through February) is $95.


The fees are based on and cover indoor gym space, equipment, and coaching costs for the sessions. 

We work very hard to minimize costs and keep soccer affordable and believe that everyone that wants to play should be able to play regardless of their financial situation. Payment plans throughout the year are available as is Financial Aid. See here for more information on Financial Aid and scholarships.

Can my player drop in?

Yes! We do allow drop ins at $10 per session and this is a great option if you do not think that your player will make enough of the sessions to make registering for the entire program worth it.

Please check with us before dropping in to make sure the session is not full, and after approval, you can pay via cash, check, or Venmo (@gallatinelite).

What equipment does my player need?

Soccer and athletic attire, shinguards, water. (although most gyms we use will have a drinking fountain), as well as non-marking flat soled athletic shoes. Indoor soccer shoes are recommended for the hard basketball type surfaces that futsal is typically played on around the world, but they are not required and running shoes or other non-marking flats do work as well. Please note that cleats are not allowed.

For any questions and for more info, please email info@gallatinelite.com.

What is the Schedule?

Click on the corresponding picture below for the schedule. The schedule is subject to change. Pay special attention to locations (color-coded with the addresses for each at the top), dates/days, times, and age groups. Please let me know if you think we may have made a mistake (we're not perfect!).

What are the age groups?

Please note that there is some flexibility between age groups. This is to allow players to join the group that they feel the most comfortable with and/or the group that best fits their schedule (Example - a young 08 can join the 09/10/11 group, or an older 08's schedule may be better suited to the 07/08 group's times). Space is limited in each group, so please let us know when you register which group you plan to attend if not your own, and/or please check with us before dropping in.​

Also, note that if the schedule says: 08 and younger boys and girls, that means boys and girls that were born in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 are welcome.

1st Schedule for November - December (click to enlarge):

2nd Schedule is for January - February (click to enlarge):

Winter Calender Nov-Dec 2019.jpg
GESC Spring 2020 player leads - Winter C

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