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Gallatin Youth Futsal

What is Gallatin Youth Futsal?

Futsal is Indoor Soccer played on basketball gym type surfaces with a "futsal" ball, a ball that doesn't bounce as much and with smaller numbers (ex. 5v5 instead of 11v11).


Who is it for?

All players born between 2003-2016 that are looking for fun, fast-paced soccer during the winter months. Players do not have to currently or previously be on a GESC team or in a GESC program.

Why Futsal?

More touches = more development and more fun! The futsal ball spends more time at players' feet, and the smaller numbers and tighter spaces of indoor result in more and quicker decisions being made, which results in increased development of players.

Where are the games located?

We use gyms around the valley, including but not limited to: the Story Mill Community Center (former Boys and Girls Club), Saddle Peak elementary, and the Gallatin and Bozeman HS gyms.

How do I join?

Sign up at the link on this page!

When does the league take place?

The plan is to have two winter sessions. Session 1 will start in early November and run up until winter break. Session 2 will run from early January until mid February.

What is the cost?

Cost for each session is $95 for all players.

What is the format?

Age groups will have set time slots (roughly 2 per week) that they can show up and play at. Coaches will organize them into teams for play at each session. There will not be set teams. Coaching is minimal as we feel it is important to let kids play. Space is limited!

What equipment does my player need?

Soccer and athletic attire, shinguards, water, as well as flat-soled athletic non-marking shoes. Indoor soccer shoes are recommended but they are not required, and running shoes or other flats work as well. No cleats.

Other notes:​
  • Clean Bibs/Training vests will be provided for teams so that uniforms are not necessary.

For any questions and for more info, please email

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