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Elite Newsletter

October 2018


Fall Competitive Soccer

Elite Fall Competitive Soccer Wrap Up

It's crazy to me that the Fall competitive season is almost over because it seems like it just began. We are having an amazing Fall season and even though it has been so quick and short, it has had a little bit of everything. There has been heat and sun, smoke, freezing rain and even snow. And that's just the weather!


We have also seen huge steps forward and growth from all of our players and teams, and they have shown a fantastic quality and style of play that will pay off in the long run, and even gotten some great results too. Most of all we have experienced a large amount of development and fun from all of the players and coaches. The coaches have definitely enjoyed the season immensely and we have all been amazed at how far everyone has come in such a short amount of time.


Thank you to all of the parents for helping make it possible. We are extremely excited to continue working with all of our players and teams and can't wait to see them continue to grow and to see what is next for them. See below for some pictures from the Fall, and see everyone soon!

Fall Rec and Developmental Soccer

Elite Fall Rec and Developmental Soccer

If you would have told me a year ago that we would have a Rec/Developmental program that started with our Mini Dribblers program at 3 years old and older, I would have told you that you were nuts. Mainly because a year ago the mere thought of this club hadn't even existed yet.


However, thanks in a large part to a ton of amazing parent volunteers and coaches that are too numerous to count - both that are always very willing to help out and lend a hand - it has been amazing. Thank you so much to everyone that has helped in any way you can. We could not have done this and gotten this far without all of you. And shhhhhh, don't tell anyone, but these younger ages might be my favorite.

I love watching a whole new generation play and learn to love soccer and I am so excited for the possibility that soccer might do for them and mean even a fraction of what it has meant for me and my life. I still love playing, watching, coaching, and just being a part of this great and crazy game, and I love and feel so lucky that I get to share that with so many kids. Ultimately I hope that all of the players all get some positive life lesson out of it, and that some of them are also able to go on and enjoy it for their whole life. And selfishly, I can't wait to watch them play for a couple more weeks!

Winter Soccer

Our Winter options are flexible depending on the group, and some groups may decide to do the following:

  • Train 1-2x per week with our high-quality GESC coaches in 1.5 hour sessions that consist of 30-45 min of more technical based work followed by 45-60 min of small-sided futsal play.

  • Groups can attend a futsal tournament over the winter as agreed upon by the group.

  • Older ages (2005 and older) can choose to attend a Showcase/tournament event if they desire.

  • Most groups will start in November, however some older groups may choose to start in December.

Winter soccer and training for competitive players born in 2010 and older

We highly encourage and recommend that younger players participate in multiple sports. Research shows that it is good for not only their personal development, but also their player development, and that participating in multiple activities throughout the year brings both physical and mental benefits.


However, we also know that keeping touches on the ball throughout the year is important and that futsal, or indoor soccer, is both a fun and great way to get a lot of touches in a fast paced environment where players are forced to make a lot of quick decisions in smaller spaces and with smaller numbers.


The GESC Winter programming strives to strike a balance with this at our younger ages by offering players a chance to get a lot of touches on the ball, reap the benefits of futsal and small-sided quick decision making, all while still having fun and hopefully also being able to participate in another activity if they choose.

At the older ages we are open to training, or even taking groups to Showcase and/or futsal tournaments as they desire.

Prices will vary depending on what each group desires, so please see to the left for an overview of what is possible, see our Winter Soccer page for more info, or don't hesitate to email with any questions and to see if we can make something work for you. We also may already have a group wanting to participate at your player's age so don't hesitate to reach out.

Spring 2019 Soccer

Spring 2019 GESC Programs

We are proud to offer the below programs for this coming Spring and beyond. All of our programs are designed and run by soccer players for soccer players and utilize the most modern methodology and pedagogy for developing soccer players as recommended and followed by current top soccer experts and nations around the world. We strongly believe that both the quality and value of our programs cannot be beat.


For more info on any of our programs, please click on the links below for each specific program, or feel free to email with any questions or see our program page for an overview of all of our programs that we offer.


Note that in our Elite Juniors Academy and Elite Competitive programs we limit the number of players and the number of groups that we field in order to ensure a high quality of play, coaching, and more. 

It is very important to all of us at GESC that every player should be able to play regardless of their financial situation. Since our inception we have been actively fundraising not only to help keep fees low and offset costs, but also so that we can provide scholarships and financial aid for those in need. Thanks to our many generous donors (some of which are at the bottom of this page), if your player is in need of financial assistance, don't hesitate to ask and we will work with you.


Training will start for most Juniors Academy groups the week after Spring Break, the week of 3/25, although some groups may choose to start a week or two earlier.


2010s - $275

2009s - $275

2008s - $295

2007s - $295

Costs include training, coaching, equipment, friendly/league games, the state showcase tournament in June, and more.


See the Elite Juniors Academy page for more info, or email for questions on how to try out and join a group.


Upon registering for the Juniors Academy, you will be charged a $50 tryout deposit. If we cannot place your player on a team for whatever reason, we will refund you the $50. If your player is placed on a team, the $50 will go toward their player registration fees.


Most groups will start training in late January or early February, although depending on the group, some groups may choose to start on a different date.



2006s and older - $425


Costs include training, coaching, equipment, friendly/league games, the state tournament in June, and more.


See the Elite Competitive page for more info, or email for questions on how to try out for and join a group. If a group evaluation is necessary for any of our Competitive groups, it will take place in November or early December with the date and location TBA.


Upon registering for the Competitive program, you will be charged a $50 tryout deposit. If we cannot place your player on a team for whatever reason, we will refund you the $50. If your player is placed on a team, the $50 will go toward their player registration fees.



More info on the Spring 2019 Mini Dribblers still to come. Program will run for four weeks starting in May and will consist of 4 clinics designed to nurture a love of soccer and having fun with the soccer ball in your child that is new to soccer. 



Cost includes training, coaching, equipment, and a Mini Dribblers t-shirt.


Early-bird registration cost (from now until February 1st):



Regular registration cost (February 2nd and later):


More info including dates and training session days/times still to come. The program is tentatively scheduled to start in April and run through the first Friday in June.


Games will be on Fridays.

All training during the week is organized and run by GESC coaches and staff. Games on Fridays are coached by parent volunteers.

For info on what our rec program looked like this Fall, see our Rec program page, or email with any questions.


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