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Playing out of the back or building out from the back can often be the source of frustration for parents that don't understand why their players are doing what they are doing. With the start of the spring season, I figured it might be worthwhile to post some info about it to clear up some of the 5 W's regarding playing out of the back. This is all part of our long-term development plan for the players designed to help set them up for future success in the modern game.

To navigate the slides, I suggest manually clicking forward on each slide rather than pressing play. Right clicking on the slides and opening it in a new tab will make it much bigger and easier to see and read too.

For the clips in this post I selected specific examples from a larger video. If you have free time and are interested, feel free to watch the entire video as there are a lot of good examples of teams of varying ages playing out and building from the back. Thanks for viewing!

Credit to the video clips goes to Grant Heywood.

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