What are the street soccer sessions all about?

What are these street soccer sessions on Wednesdays with the Rec program? What is the point? It just seems like some sort of organized chaos with very little coaching?

Well… yes, that’s correct, there is not much coaching going on. But the thing you have to understand is that the street soccer sessions on Wednesdays are not for parents or coaches, they are 100% for the kids.

It is a way to get the kids to compete and play the sport in a very loose atmosphere where they are hopefully not afraid to experiment and try new things, and they are free to have fun and enjoy playing because there are no real consequence to losing. We try to keep the games somewhat competitive by rotating the teams and opponents based on who won or lost the last game, but unlike official “games”, the kids should not feel the same pressure to perform. Instead, they should just feel like they are playing and hopefully having fun. When I was growing up I played soccer in the street, down at the park, or wherever we could a lot with my brother and with my friends. Looking back, I know that that is where I truly learned to love the sport, and that’s also where I learned to play the sport by not being afraid to fail, and not being afraid to try new things.

Now our coaches do go around and encourage kids to try things such as trying to dribble instead of just kick it away, or trying to pass to a teammate instead of kic