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Everyone has heard the idiom that two heads are better than one. Well we believe in this at GESC, and as a result we operate as a team of coaches - always sharing ideas and experiences. We believe that this makes us stronger as we are all contributing and often there is a great idea that one of us may have that the others may not have thought of. We also believe in listening to players and giving them some ownership over their development. We consider both the parents and players a vital part of our Elite team. If we are all working together it only makes what we are doing stronger and more successful.

Our coaches in the club have a wealth of experience and knowledge and our team is made up of soccer people that grew up playing the game and still enjoy it today. None of us are are too proud to listen and consider other points in an effort to find the best solution to any problem. This is emerging as one of the great things about GESC and has been a lot of fun for me personally, and I strongly believe that this is contributing to ours and team's successes.

Check out this video of Steve Kerr, one of the best modern professional coaches (albeit in the NBA) talking about how even at the highest level of sport he still listens and considers others input and how it makes him and the team stronger.

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